There is a huge protection gap in the UK, this has been a constant in the news over the last 5 years. In our opinion the majority of people do not have sufficient life cover or protection should the worst things in life happen to them.

At XL Finance, we help you to obtain the right levels of cover within their budget.

We find that many clients do not have the right cover, have inadequate cover or are paying over the odds for the cover that they have. We help our clients to understand what cover they need and what protection can do for them and their family. A review of needs, aims and budget can save much heartbreak at difficult times.

Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one is never an easy thing to do and adding financial burden to the grief can make coping increasingly difficult. We will explain the various types of life assurance products and find one to suit individual circumstances.

Life assurance can protect your family and your home on death, but there is also Critical Illness cover to protect you if you become seriously ill, or Income Protection to help you maintain the most important part of daily expenditure – your income.

  • Life Cover (lump sum & income)
  • Critical / Serious Illness Cover (lump sum & income)
  • Income Protection
  • Redundancy Cover
  • House Insurance
  • Accident, Sickness & Unemployment Cover
  • Family Income Benefit (replacing lost income on death)

Our experienced financial advisers will be able to help guide you through the most suitable critical illness cover options available to you. They can discuss at further length with you, a suitable level of cover to best suit your individual requirements.

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